Business domain names are important

Have you ever seen a builders van drive past and on the back is their contact details? It has their phone number, and sometimes their email address……

This really bugs the hell out of me!

It looks unprofessional, it states that the builder is a cheapskate, and it generally suggests that the business owner can’t even afford the simplest of websites.

To have your own domain name –, or similar, is inexpensive and looks more professional – Why advertise Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, when what you really want to promote is your own business?

Register your own domain name here.

You don’t have to have an amazing website, it’s not for everyone afterall, buying the domain name will simply serve you for your email needs, if nothing else.

Don’t be like the rest, be the best!

To your success, David.

Google+ Authorship

Have you ever been searching on Google, and seen a listing with a profile picture to the left of it? Pretty cool, hey?

These are blog posts that have been associated with the owners Google+ account, and if they can do it, so could you.

It’s called Google+ Authorship, and can increase your blogs rankings by up to 150%. The beauty of setting this up now is that not everybody is doing it yet, you stand more chance of out-ranking your competitors.

For more information on how to set up Google+ Authorship, visit the UKWDA website via this link >>

Short and sweet this week, catch you next time.

To your success, David


Web hosting UK

Welcome to the Jawbone Media Blog – My name is David White, and I own and run Jawbone Media.

When looking for the best web hosting in the UK, there are lots of things you may want to consider.

Is the domain name you are after available? Should you purchase the .UK AND .COM domains? How much web space does the web host provide, and how much does it cost?

At Jawbone Media, we offer a low cost solution providing unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth web hosting and unlimited email addresses @yourdomain.

Visit Jawbone Media for your unlimited web hosting

Another consideration are the features available. WordPress ‘one-click’ installation so you can easily create your blog, statistics to see who’s visiting your website, webmail, so you can view your email from anywhere in the world, and from any device – the list is endless.

Our unlimited website hosting is something we at Jawbone Media believe is the best UK web hosting, and offer every feature you could ever want or need.

We offer a website builder (SiteDesignerPro) for a low yearly cost, and you do not need to purchase a hosting package to create a professional website design for your online business. If you require a more unique, bespoke website design, we can do this for your business via our sister website Hampshire web design

Please check back regularly for more updates, including advice and tips on how to successfully market and run your online business.

To your success, David White.