About David White

David White has been in the Internet Marketing, web design and web hosting business since 1999. He has designed and marketed many websites, and continues to host business websites on his servers for a diverse market. David is a member of the UKWDA (UK Web Design Association) and The Southern Entrepreneurs.

New things on the horizon for Jawbone Media

We’ve not posted on this blog for quite some time and thought we should get you all back in the loop.

soon to come is our new marketing plan, updated SEO and even more link building. This is to expand our growth and get us inline with the top web hosting companies out there.

The price of our Unlimited web hosting package hasn’t changed since the beginning of Jawbone Media, and will remain at £65 for as long as possible. It comes with a free Domain name for life, so we believe that our package is the best value for money out there.

More updates to come very soon,



Is SEO Really Dead?

SEO is dead!

I’ve personally spent thousands of pounds on SEO, and other methods of getting traffic to my websites.

If you’re serious about making your online business work, you’ve probably spent (or wasted) money too – the key is to never give up.

I thought I’d let you know what I’m working on to drive traffic at the moment >>

Social Media is very big at the moment, and will only get bigger – I have multiple ads running on Facebook, and I have my Twitter account automated to send out messages while I’m not sat at my PC.

PPC (Pay-per-click) ads will always be more value for money than Search Engine Optimisation for me. I’ve got ads running on the Bing network, and Google that bring in a steady flow of leads.

Don’t forget about the traditional methods of advertising!
I regularly send out ‘snail mail’ to my database of businesses in my local area. This involves actually typing a letter, or getting postcards printed – who can ignore a postcard? It’s got your copy sat there right in the palm of the recipients hand.

This Blog update is another way of reaching out to potential customers – this one is set up to automatically post to our Facebook fan page as soon as I click the ‘publish’ button. WordPress plugins can be found to do this relatively simply for you.

So, is SEO dead? My conclusion is this: -
I DON’T CARE!!! There are plenty of value for money ways of driving traffic to your websites, without Google even being aware of your existence.

Design Your Website Easily In Minutes

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Are you stuggling to build your own website?

You want a cool looking website, but not the price tag that goes with it?

Try Jawbone Media’s SiteDesigner Pro online web design software. It’s easy to use, and you could have your website up and running in no time at all. Try our demo – You’ll be amazed with the results you can achieve in just 3 easy steps.

Add video, integrate Paypal, Social networking links and more from the comfort of your own armchair, without paying a website designer hundreds of Pounds for their services.

All you have to do is associate your chosen domain name with SiteDesigner when purchasing the software, and you’re away. Easily edit the look, feel and content of your website any time you need to – Try it Now!

To Your Continued Online Success, DW

The Hotmail Business Model

In 1996, the first free, web-based email platform was created.

An amazing creation, Hotmail was unique – people asked how they made any profit from something they gave away for nothing, but this user virally distributed service was set to become the industry standard in personal email addresses, and make hundreds of millions of dollars for the company.

So, how did they do it?

If you still use Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail or Outlook.com online, you would have noticed a link in the footer of every email you send out, or receive from another Hotmail account encouraging the receiver to sign up for a free Hotmail or Live email address – we were marketing Hotmail for them virally – they had no need to splash out on expensive online advertising, usually associated with web businesses.

And so it grew… But how did a free service make money, and to later be sold to Microsoft for an estimated $400 million?

As of 2011, Hotmail had 360 million users per month, all visiting the website, sending and receiving email… Clicking on adverts.

Hotmail had the advertising high ground. With that much traffic, everyone and his dog wanted to have their business advertised on the website, making Hotmail an absolute fortune, very quickly, and for very little outlay – we did all the hard work for them sending out their viral message in every email we sent.

Nowadays, it’s easy to have your own domain name and email address associated with your business or company – Get your free domain name here!

I still maintain that Hotmail is all well and good for a personal email address service, but on the side of a builders van, or in a shop window, NO! It looks unprofessional, for something so cheaply obtainable, adding class to your business.

For more info on getting your Free Domain names, visit Jawbone Media.co.uk, or get in touch.

Happy New Year to you all, 2014 is going to be BIG!

To your success,

David White

link splitting

What is link splitting?

On your website, you possibly have multiple pages, but where does your ‘Home page’ link point to on these pages?

If you are splitting links, you will have duplicate pages on Google and the other Search Engines if you link your home page to /index.html…

These are the possible pages you may have that need to be adjusted -

  • www.yourdomain.com
  • www.yourdomain.com/index.html
  • yourdomain.com
  • yourdomain.com/index.html

On your website, you need to link home page links to ‘/’, or ‘domain.com’ to reduce the possibility of Google refusing to index your content. The link you implement must be the same link that you submit to Google in the first place – so could be ‘www.yourdomain.com’ or ‘yourdomain.com’.

You would of thought that by doubling your links, you would increase your exposure on the Search Engines, but no, it doesn’t work like that. Google sees the content as duplicate, and can exclude you completely for this.

For more information on designing your website, hosting it, building it yourself, and website marketing, please contact Jawbone Media.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps,


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the UK

You’ve got a website – Great… But does anybody know it exists?

When I first started out in Internet Marketing, there was only a few options for marketing your online business. You had PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Banner Advertising, and of course, the natural Search Engine listings – Search Engine Optimisation  – it was easy!

You’d pay for your banner to be put on a few websites, pay Google 5p a click for traffic there was very few competitors for, and tweak your website to contain the keywords you wanted to be found under on the natural search.

The fact is, you can still get away with doing the same things – you’re probably doing too much, and not focusing on the things that still work.

Search Engine Optimisation, for example -

If your description contains your keyword, your URL contains your keyword, your <H1> tag contains your keyword, and you use your keyword throughout your site (but not overly), you’re well on your way to getting listed higher already.

Link building IS considered VERY important, as each link back to your website is a positive vote for the quality of the website, and this is exactly how Google sees it.

At Jawbone Media, we can increase your backlinks – visit our sister site for Search Engine Optimisation.

The bottom line is… Create your content as if the Search Engines didn’t exist.

Write your website content for the reader, and NOT for the Search Engines and you’ll find you get your just rewards.

To your success, David

Business domain names are important

Have you ever seen a builders van drive past and on the back is their contact details? It has their phone number, and sometimes their email address…


This really bugs the hell out of me!

It looks unprofessional, it states that the builder is a cheapskate, and it generally suggests that the business owner can’t even afford the simplest of websites.

To have your own domain name – info@colinsbuilders.co.uk, or similar, is inexpensive and looks more professional – Why advertise Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, when what you really want to promote is your own business?

Register your own domain name here.

You don’t have to have an amazing website, it’s not for everyone afterall, buying the domain name will simply serve you for your email needs, if nothing else.

Don’t be like the rest, be the best!

To your success, David.

Google+ Authorship

Have you ever been searching on Google, and seen a listing with a profile picture to the left of it? Pretty cool, hey?

These are blog posts that have been associated with the owners Google+ account, and if they can do it, so could you.

It’s called Google+ Authorship, and can increase your blogs rankings by up to 150%. The beauty of setting this up now is that not everybody is doing it yet, you stand more chance of out-ranking your competitors.

For more information on how to set up Google+ Authorship, visit the UKWDA website via this link >>


Short and sweet this week, catch you next time.

To your success, David


Web hosting UK

Welcome to the Jawbone Media Blog – My name is David White, and I own and run Jawbone Media.

When looking for the best web hosting in the UK, there are lots of things you may want to consider.

Is the domain name you are after available? Should you purchase the .UK AND .COM domains? How much web space does the web host provide, and how much does it cost?

At Jawbone Media, we offer a low cost solution providing unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth web hosting and unlimited email addresses @yourdomain.

Visit Jawbone Media for your unlimited web hosting

Another consideration are the features available. WordPress ‘one-click’ installation so you can easily create your blog, statistics to see who’s visiting your website, webmail, so you can view your email from anywhere in the world, and from any device – the list is endless.

Our unlimited website hosting is something we at Jawbone Media believe is the best UK web hosting, and offer every feature you could ever want or need.

We offer a website builder (SiteDesignerPro) for a low yearly cost, and you do not need to purchase a hosting package to create a professional website design for your online business. If you require a more unique, bespoke website design, we can do this for your business via our sister website Hampshire web design

Please check back regularly for more updates, including advice and tips on how to successfully market and run your online business.

To your success, David White.