Is SEO Really Dead?

SEO is dead!

I’ve personally spent thousands of pounds on SEO, and other methods of getting traffic to my websites.

If you’re serious about making your online business work, you’ve probably spent (or wasted) money too – the key is to never give up.

I thought I’d let you know what I’m working on to drive traffic at the moment >>

Social Media is very big at the moment, and will only get bigger – I have multiple ads running on Facebook, and I have my Twitter account automated to send out messages while I’m not sat at my PC.

PPC (Pay-per-click) ads will always be more value for money than Search Engine Optimisation for me. I’ve got ads running on the Bing network, and Google that bring in a steady flow of leads.

Don’t forget about the traditional methods of advertising!
I regularly send out ‘snail mail’ to my database of businesses in my local area. This involves actually typing a letter, or getting postcards printed – who can ignore a postcard? It’s got your copy sat there right in the palm of the recipients hand.

This Blog update is another way of reaching out to potential customers – this one is set up to automatically post to our Facebook fan page as soon as I click the ‘publish’ button. WordPress plugins can be found to do this relatively simply for you.

So, is SEO dead? My conclusion is this: -
I DON’T CARE!!! There are plenty of value for money ways of driving traffic to your websites, without Google even being aware of your existence.

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