SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the UK

You’ve got a website – Great… But does anybody know it exists?

When I first started out in Internet Marketing, there was only a few options for marketing your online business. You had PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Banner Advertising, and of course, the natural Search Engine listings РSearch Engine Optimisation  Рit was easy!

You’d pay for your banner to be put on a few websites, pay Google 5p a click for traffic there was very few competitors for, and tweak your website to contain the keywords you wanted to be found under on the natural search.

The fact is, you can still get away with doing the same things – you’re probably doing too much, and not focusing on the things that still work.

Search Engine Optimisation, for example -

If your description contains your keyword, your URL contains your keyword, your <H1> tag contains your keyword, and you use your keyword throughout your site (but not overly), you’re well on your way to getting listed higher already.

Link building IS considered VERY important, as each link back to your website is a positive vote for the quality of the website, and this is exactly how Google sees it.

At Jawbone Media, we can increase your backlinks – visit our sister site for Search Engine Optimisation.

The bottom line is… Create your content as if the Search Engines didn’t exist.

Write your website content for the reader, and NOT for the Search Engines and you’ll find you get your just rewards.

To your success, David

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